Project 9-11, 2001

An installation organized by a group of Atlanta artists and created with the help of friends and community over a period of a month to honor those who died in the attacks of 9/11. In October and November of 2001, the artists and volunteers tore yards of cotton fabric into long streamers and wrote on each piece the name of an individual who had perished.

For two days, before and during the opening of Rear Window at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, the public was invited to choose a fabric strip, read aloud the name on the strip, and tie it to the steel exo-structure in the courtyard of the Contemporary. In January of 2012, a memorial service was held and the strips of fabric were buried, the beginning of a peace garden at Clifton Road Sanctuary.

Organizing artists were MB Andrews, Susan Cipcic, Cecelia Kane, Margaret Patterson, La Quita Thomson, Julie Stuart and Susie Winton.

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